We exceed manufacturers requirements, so that we protect your home at the highest level from wind, water and heat.



Most contractors don't inspect the wood decking. We, however, take the extra step to inspect the entire roof decking for overall strength and ability to securely hold the nails and shingles.


    Without proper installation of underlayment your decking will be exposed to moisture that will cause your decking to become soft and appear wavy. This can also cause the shingles to crack and deteriorate more quickly. We use plastic caps or tin caps with staples to install underlayment. Also, if requested, we can use Valley Fast or Ice & Water Shield in the valleys giving protection like no other valley product. Although you don't see this from the street, it is a very important protection.


    We have addressed all areas of shingle installation to help ensure the very longest life of your roof. You can have complete confidence that our certified crews will exceed the manufacturer's guidelines. For instance, if requested, we can nail each shingle with six nails, rather than the industry practice of just four. We also use starter strip rather than the industry practice of just using strip shingles. This ensures your starter seals at both the top and bottom. To protect even further, we add shingle sealant around the eaves for the maximum wind protection possible.


    Flashing is a metal sheet that protects against leaks, however if not done correctly can be the place where most leaks occur. Many contractors give a minimum amount of attention to these areas. We recognize this to be the most important places to prevent water leaks. We apply a superior flashing sealant (NP1, a super-rubber) which is nothing like silicone which cracks and leaks over time. We paint vent pipes, gas vents, exhaust pipes and all other roof accessories to prevent rust and match the color of the roof you choose. We also seal the exposed nails with NP1 and use lead stacks instead of the commonly used rubber. Lead stacks usually last about 95 years longer than rubber. With all these steps, you will have a leak-free and beautiful roof.


    Improper ventilation of your attic will cause high temperatures and will void the manufacturer's warranty. High temperatures may even cause damage to your house structure and exterior paint. They can even cause your roof to loose half its life due to premature shingle damage. It is essential that we do an analysis of current ventilation and give you the specified amount of vents required to maintain your manufacturer's warranty. We use standard low-profile vents or upon request hard plastic ridge vents that resist hail and withstand peeling of paint. We also use dual ball bearing turbines to give long-lasting, quiet movement. These are all the very best products we have found in the market. There are additional products such as power turbines or solar vents that can assist with airflow and cut down on the quantity of products used available by request.


    Your roof receives multiple inspections by the actual owners of the company. During the installation, we make sure all building code inspections occur at proper times. Plus, the Crew Leader continually oversees the installation and completes a checklist. After the installation, we makes sure the Ultimate Roof System was installed to our own high standards. We personally inspect for exposed nails, marked shingles, or granules that have worn from high temperatures. We walk-through and make sure pieces of shingle and trash are all removed from the surrounding area as well as gutters and bushes to leave your home looking better than it did prior to our arrival. We know of no other company that goes to these measures to give you the best roof possible.

    If there are any damages to the property, rest assured that repairs will be taken care of prior to completion.