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        Embrace new exhibitions in Guangzhou(Ⅱ)
        Update: 2023-11-17     Source: SilkRoadPost

        Starting from this month, Guangzhou will greet a number of shows with different themes varying from modern art to archaeological findings.
        To help exhibition-goers know about information of the shows earlier, SilkRoadPost is launching a series to give visitors some advance notice of them.
        1. Yuexiu and Maritime Silk Road

        Venue: Nanyuexianxian (南粵先賢) branch of the Yuexiu District Museum
        Time: Run till February 29, 2024
        Guangzhou is one of the starting points of Maritime Silk Road (MSR), and the district of Yuexiu served as a hub of the ancient MSR in the city.
        As a pivotal city of foreign trade, marine traffic as well as cultural exchanges between the East and the West, Guangzhou boasts six heritages of the ancient MSR, amongst which five are located in Yuexiu.
        A total of 118 pieces/sets of exhibits embodying the relations between Yuexiu and the ancient MSR are on display, which also demonstrate the key role the district had played in the history of the paramount route.
        2. Canton Enameled Wares: A Fusion of Global Fashion

        Venue: Guangzhou Museum (Zhenhai Building Section)
        Time: Run till February 25, 2024
        The exhibition comprises 180 pieces/sets of armorial porcelain, a must-buy product from China for western merchants centuries ago. Through the sophisticated exhibits, visitors are expected to know about the evolution of Guangcai porcelain which integrates craftsmanship of China and western countries.
        3. Magical Growths of South China: Cantonese Furniture and Life Aesthetics

        Venue: Guangzhou Cultural and Art Center
        Time: Run till December 25, 2023
        The making of traditional Cantonese hardwood furniture takes several steps, including pattern carving, scraping, burnishing and laquering. The craftsmen use traditional tools to finish the whole process, such as axes, saws, gads and chisels.
        In the exhibition, 21 freehand sketches are on show along with pieces of furniture. Some of the sketches make a comparison between furniture finished by manual process and that made by machines to help people better realize the ingenuity of Cantonese furniture artistry.
        4. Like Xumi Mountain (如須彌山): The 90th Anniversary of the Research of Yungang Grottoes by Yingzao Xueshe (Society for Research in Chinese Architecture)

        Venue: The Memorial Museum of Generalissimo Sun Yat-sen's Mansion
        Time: Run till November 20, 2023
        In the 1930s, Yingzao Xueshe (營造學社, or Society for Research in Chinese Architecture), a group whose members include Liang Sicheng and Lin Huiyin, two renowned Chinese architects, conducted a research towards Yungang Grottoes of Xumi Mountain.
        The exhibition reviews the research to honor the contribution of the group to the study of ancient Chinese architecture. Meanwhile, visitors can also understand the architectural space and form of Yungang Grottoes and its profound cultural connotation. 

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