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        Guangdong-New Zealand historical exhibit opens at Guangzhou Library
        Update: 2023-10-19     Source: eguangzhou.gov.cn

        On Oct 14, a photo exhibition of the civil exchange between Guangdong and New Zealand was inaugurated at the Guangzhou Library.

        The exhibition, which will run until Oct 31, showcases 47 exquisite photos, aiming to depict the deep friendship between Guangzhou and Auckland as well as the historical ties between Guangdong and New Zealand.

        Since the establishment of Friendship City relations in February 1989, Guangzhou and Auckland have collaborated extensively across multiple sectors.

        In addition, the exhibition displays nearly 300 books related to New Zealand, covering topics related to its culture, tourism, and arts, including Maori-themed books and children's books, all of which were generously donated to the Guangzhou Library and are available for long-term public borrowing.

        Following the opening of the exhibition, the Guangzhou Library also hosted a guest dialogue focused on early Chinese settlers in New Zealand.

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